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Jeff Cockrell

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Tens of thousands of executives and business owners are frustrated and angry because they feel like they're running full speed on a hamster wheel.  When Ralph Waldo Emerson's said, 

"Most men (and women) live lives of quiet desperation,"

he might have been talking about today.  
As a Christian, I believe we are designed for greatness.  
As a:
  • U.S. Navy Veteran,
  • Dale Carnegie (Master) Trainer, and
  • Certified High Performance Coach (CHPC)
I know we all have much more potential than we even imagine, but we live in a world that seems dead-set on keeping us exhausted, distracted, and hopeless.  
The good new is:  We have a choice! 
We are not condemned to a life of quiet desperation.  
Since the beginning of time, the twin aspects of the human condition are Struggle and Progress.  As much as we might like to opt out of the struggle part, we can't.  
But, we don't have to spend a long time there, either.
As a CHPC, I equip my clients with skills, strategies, and tactics, and help them gain the mindset of the world's most successful and most fulfilled people.  
As a DC (Master) Trainer, I help  my participants build stronger leadership, communications, human relations, and presentation skills along with more effectively managing stress and worry.  
Whether through Coaching or Dale Carnegie Training, I work to help others get off the hamster wheel and begin making faster progress in their lives.  
That's what coaching and training are about - helping people progress faster with less struggle,  
Which aligns with my life's mission.  
As a coach, as a Dale Carnegie trainer, and as a Navy officer, my responsibility has always been to help others struggle less while progressing faster.

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