Membership Agreement & Requirements

Effective date: Mar 19, 2020

Be sure to read these terms and conditions for joining Coaching Mastery Community (the "Community"). By registering, you (the "Coach") signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions and of your obligations.  If you have objections to any of the following Terms and Conditions, you should not register or participate in the Community.

General Items

  • You certify that you meet the minimum Member Criteria:
    • You are certified through a recognized coaching training program (for example:  Certified High Performance Coach, Tony Robbins Coach, etc.)
    • You have at least 1 year experience with a specific process/methodology that you have delivered to paying clients.  (This does not mean 3-hours of online training, or just reading a book.)
    • You’ve delivered 1:1 or group coaching to at least 2 paid clients, and have delivered over 20 paid sessions in total.

Do  not join this community if you do not meet the minimum requirements above.

  • As a member of the Community you agree to participate as both a coach and a client in the Coaching Chain, providing 10 or more sessions of coaching to your client and receiving at 10 sessions from your coach, per assigned interval, including coaching mastery discussions after each session.  Each interval will last approximately 12 weeks.  
  • The Community is designed to support you in your coaching mastery and business development, but you agree that you conduct your own business as a life coach or business coach independently, accepting that the Community is an educational and training program with no guarantees on either, as your coaching and your business are not related to nor directly supported by the Community.  You shall conduct your own career and business fully independently from the Community and do not need to (and shall not) report or pay a portion of income or revenue to the Community.  The Community provides business tools and sample documents that you may use at your sole discretion.
  • No teaching of certification frameworks or curriculum shall occur in this Community by facilitators or members.  Coaches may coach on any framework they are certified in but may not teach or share protected intellectual property within the Community nor lead discussions around how to coach within a particular protected curriculum/framework within Community events.
  • This Community is not responsible for the actions of its members.  If a member violates the agreements of the Community they may be required to leave the Community and will not be entitled to any refund of membership fees paid in full or in part.
  • Coach agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Coaching Mastery Community and their agents and assigns from any and all liability for any general, special or consequential loss or damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use the Community, even if advised of the possibility of such possibilities or damages. Coach understands and agrees that the Community does not and cannot by law guarantee specific or any results, income, or success by participating in the Community.  You alone are accountable for your results and business outcomes.

Coaching Chain Requirements

 Coach Requirements


  • As coach you commit to coach your assigned client for a minimum of 9 sessions using the certification program(s) trained in for a minimum of 45 minutes each week followed by a coaching mastery Discussion to increase coaching mastery and provide feedback for mutual development. Discussion should be at least 10 minutes and geared towards developing coaching mastery in the context of the recent session. 
  • The Community provides a suggested format/framework for the post-session Discussion, but the Coach may choose a different method.


  • Each coach is given a maximum of seven (7) days after the chain is assigned to schedule their first session with their client.  If a coach cannot connect with their client within the first 7 days, they must inform the Leadership Team before the end of the 7th day for assistance or for chain modifications to be made.
  • The coach may NOT make arrangements to alter client or coach assignments within the Community without leadership team approval as such changes affect multiple people and need oversight for many reasons.
  • The coach should make arrangements to accommodate the availability of the client within reason, including global timezone coordination as members of the community come from around the world.  It may be necessary to schedule outside ideal business hours in some pairings to coordinate schedules.
  • In general at the beginning of each interval, the first session a coach provides will typically be a discovery/breakthrough/intro/enrollment/strategy/intake session, which must be scheduled and completed within the “assignment window” provided in the Community schedule.
  • For extenuating circumstances (such as a conflict of interest) that would prevent the assigned coach/client relationship from working, the Coach must notify leadership immediately, so that an alternate client will be assigned, if possible.  Extenuating circumstances are very rare, and do NOT include whether you like your chain partners, or their timezone, or their style or personality.
  • Pairings of coach and client are based on a randomly assigned order and your client may not be your “ideal” client or be within your desired niche.  As the Community is an opportunity to learn and grow it is expected that you will find the opportunities in the pairing.  Keep in mind this pairing allows you to get valuable feedback, so try different and new things with your client in all cases!
  • To assure full participation coaches must update the Coaching Chain Dashboard for each session completed, or else they risk being asked to leave the community for not fulfilling the chain requirements.

Client Requirements

  • As the client in the chain it is your responsibility to show up to scheduled meetings or to give reasonable notice (as initially agreed with your Coach) for any schedule change.  If you do not give notice, the coach may choose to either allow you to reschedule, or you may forfeit that session.  Multiple failures to show up or lack of respect/professionalism may result in you being asked to leave the Community.
  • The primary goal of the coaching chain is to allow coaches to get practice and feedback.  Getting coaching for you is a very valuable bonus but not the primary reason for the pairing. Client feedback to help the coach grow and identify blind spots is encouraged and expected.  During the Discussion portion, both coaches should be growing and learning together as it is a mutually evelating Coaching Mastery… so give kind and useful feedback to help your coach improve, and keep learning as a Client!


Additional Items

  • Within the Community there may be opportunities provided for facilitation.  If you sign up to facilitate and can no longer keep the scheduled date and time for whatever reason it is your responsibility to find an alternate facilitator for the session.
  • The purpose of the Community is to facilitate personal and professional growth of the coach.  While general concepts may be taught, no member of the community shall teach any proprietary or protected concepts related to specific coaching frameworks or curriculums.
  • The resources of the community (including, for example,  videos, PDF’s and any other content created or distributed within the community) remain the intellectual property of Coaching Mastery Community, LLC and can’t be used outside the community without permission.
  • Recordings: Coach understands that the events hosted by the community will be recorded in video and audio format.  Coach agrees and expressly grants to the Community and its agents and assigns the right and permission in perpetuity to use such recordings and photographs regardless of whether they include Coach’s name, likeness, voice, biographical details, testimonials, or otherwise for marketing, advertising, or any other purpose in any media or format, online and/or offline, now or hereafter without further compensation, permission, or notification to the Coach. Coach understands and agrees that all recordings and content from Community events are the exclusive rights of the Community and Coach is not entitled to any compensation for the use of videos or recordings in which Coach appears or speaks. Coaching Mastery Community owns all rights of any audio, video, or screenshots captured during the events
  • The information contained in or made available through the Community cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial, legal or psychological matters.  Coach alone is responsible and accountable for his or her decisions, actions and results in life, and by his or her participation in the Community acknowledges that they cannot offer professional legal, financial, health, tax, or any advice or treatment as a participant in the Community.  If a Community member is properly licensed to provide such advice they must only do so as an individual not speaking as a representative of the Community.
  • Nothing in the Community is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings.  Making decisions based on any information presented in this Community or any of its products, events, services, or websites should be done only with the knowledge that Coach could experience risk or losses just like any entrepreneurial or career endeavor. Coach’s level of success in attaining any results is dependent upon a large number of factors including background, skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, and financial situation, to name a few.  Because these factors differ according to individuals, the Community cannot and does not guarantee Coach’s success, income level, or ability to earn revenue. Coach should use caution and always consult an accountant, lawyer, or professional advisor before acting on this or any information related to a lifestyle change or business and financial decision.
  • This Member Agreement is subject to change and updating from time to time, and by continuing to participate in the community, you agree to such changes.  This Agreement will be available at all times via the Community’s main website.

Term of Agreement

The term of this Agreement will begin upon the date Coach joins the Community and is effective throughout the term of membership or until the agreement is updated and the updated version has been agreed to, except in cases where a specific item above has a different term specific.

Complete Agreement

By confirming receipt and review of this agreement, the Parties have indicated their acceptance of the terms of this Agreement in full understanding that these terms are binding in all respects and territories unless prohibited by law, and that this agreement is the sole agreement between the Coach and the Community.

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