Embracing Uncertainty: Making a Difference One Call at a Time

Jul 19, 2023

Embracing Uncertainty: Making a Difference One Call at a Time

In the realm of coaching, uncertainty often looms as a formidable challenge. How do we approach discovery calls, strategy sessions, and initial sales calls with confidence and purpose? Faisal Ensaun and Daniel, seasoned coaches with a wealth of experience, shed light on how they have developed a system—a framework—that elevates the quality of these sessions.

The conversation begins with an exciting announcement—an upcoming masterclass on delivering sessions that sell. Faisal and Daniel will delve into the framework they use, providing valuable insights to empower coaches to not only deliver impactful sessions but also enhance their conversion rates and generate valuable referrals. It's a tantalizing proposition that promises transformative results.

Daniel, recognizing the stumbling block that many coaches face, acknowledges the myriad concerns that plague their minds during these crucial sessions. The fear of making a sale, uncertainty about pricing, and the anxiety of ensuring a seamless process often hinder their growth. However, he assures them that struggle is an integral part of the journey, and their struggles can be overcome with preparation and practice.

Faisal interjects, sharing the phrase that revolutionized his coaching business: "coach, coach, and coach." Emphasizing the importance of practice, he narrates his own journey of relentless pursuit. By immersing himself in countless coaching conversations, Faisal not only honed his skills but also gained valuable insights into what truly works. His determination to understand the process and continually improve has been the cornerstone of his success.

The duo highlights the significance of consistency, drawing parallels to other artistic endeavors. Just as artists must create every day to develop their craft, coaches must engage in conversations regularly to refine their skills. Daniel underscores the power of quantity, emphasizing that the more sessions coaches undertake, the better they become. The accumulation of experience through an abundance of coaching conversations becomes the catalyst for growth and mastery.

Reflecting on their early days as coaches, Faisal and Daniel acknowledge that they, too, faced challenges and self-doubt. Faisal divulges that he completed fewer than 20 sessions in his first year, a paltry number that hindered his understanding of the process. However, he draws inspiration from Brendon Burchard's advice to engage in coaching conversations daily. By consistently immersing himself in the process, Faisal began to uncover the nuances and intricacies that set the stage for success.

Daniel echoes this sentiment, sharing his own struggles with fear of failure during early sessions. He reveals that his focus on making a sale inhibited his growth. Instead, he encourages coaches to shift their mindset and view every session as an opportunity to learn and serve. By reframing their perspective, coaches can embrace the journey, knowing that each call, regardless of the outcome, enables them to make a positive impact on someone's life.

Faisal adds a unique perspective, emphasizing that the goal should not solely revolve around making a sale. Rather, it should encompass delivering value, fostering connections, and expanding networks. Each session presents an opportunity to offer support, gain referrals, or potentially secure a client. By approaching sessions with a genuine desire to serve, coaches not only build their reputation but also establish meaningful connections within their industry.

The conversation continues as Faisal and Daniel discuss their approaches to discovery calls. Faisal shares his process of gauging compatibility, understanding the client's needs, and assessing alignment with his coaching style. He highlights the importance of nurturing relationships and unlocking the potential for referrals. Daniel echoes this sentiment, recounting a recent call that led to a deeper connection and an upcoming two-hour discovery call. Both coaches emphasize the significance of serving the client and making a difference, regardless of the immediate outcome.

As the discussion draws to a close, Faisal issues a challenge to coaches everywhere: engage in 100 calls within the next six months. This ambitious goal, though daunting, holds the promise of exponential growth. Faisal predicts that coaches who undertake this challenge will likely secure eight to ten clients, refine their approach, and uncover unforeseen opportunities. The key lies in embracing uncertainty, honing skills through practice, and viewing each call as an opportunity to deliver transformative value.

In conclusion, Faisal and Daniel paint a vivid picture of the transformative power of uncertainty. By embracing the unknown, coaches have the opportunity to unlock their full potential, transform lives, and shape the future of their coaching businesses—one call at a time. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable. So, step into the realm of uncertainty and discover the difference you can make through the power of coaching conversations.