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The Coaching Mastery Community is a membership organization that assists member within any coaching niche to grow successful coaching businesses.

Build your coaching "muscles" with REAL  coaching, not role plays.

Unlock the power of regular coaching by getting coached in your own life.

Increase the power and impact of YOUR coaching on your clients.

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The CMC Success Plan


Experiment; Challenge yourself; Build your coaching "muscles;" Serve your CMC "client."  Be all in.


Compare notes with your client and learn what was powerful, and what was not.


Enhance what works; discard what doesn't.  Turbo-charge your growth.  Multiply your impact!

Have you ever thought:

"What is wrong with me?" | "Why can't I figure this out?" 

You've spent thousands of dollars to become a coach, and thousands more on training and courses claiming to have the key to your coaching empire.  But, still:

  • You don't have enough new clients.

  • You need more renewals.

  • You know you should be charging more.

  • Your business has stalled.

  • No one around you understands what you're about.

  • You feel like you're walking this path alone.

And, every day, little by little, you feel your dream slipping away.

Your dream doesn't have to disappear in disappointment.

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Apr 20, 2024

We Understand!

  • Coaching can be a lonely path.
  • Often, we don't know what worked, and what didn't, in a particular session.
  • Clients almost never tell us why they stopped working with us; they just stop.

We Grow Faster, Together!

  • Have insightful feedback discussions which deliver powerful insights into your coaching skills.
  • Expand your coaching expertise in a "no-fault" environment.
  • Market and sell your services with power, confidence, and integrity.

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