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Is your coaching business everything you wanted it to be?


We are a community of coaches creating individual success faster, together.


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Have you ever thought,

"What is wrong with me?  Why can't I figure this out?" 

You've spent thousands of dollars to become a coach, and thousands more on training and courses claiming to have the key to your coaching empire.  But, still:

  • You don't have enough new clients.
  • You need more renewals.
  • You know you should be charging more.
  • Your business has stalled.
  • No one around you understands what you're about.
  • You feel like you're walking this path alone.

And, every day, little by little, you feel your dream slipping away.


You don't have to walk that path alone.

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Success Happens Faster with Friends

Join a true community of coaches committed to helping each other grow and succeed!

Grow your Business

Learn to build and scale your business to create the life you want.

Grow as a Coach

Build your coaching "muscles" with REAL COACHING, not role plays.

Grow as a Person

Unlock the power of regular coaching in your life..

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We get it!


Coaching IS a lonely path.

There are hundreds of "gurus" offering thousands of courses.

And, everyone is willing to tell you how to do it; no one seems willing to walk with you along the path.

We can help you get there faster!


Experience the the power of weekly one-to-one coaching sessions (as a coach AND as a client).   

For more than two years, CMC has been helping coaches grow their businesses and themselves -  professionally and personally.

Gain greater insight into and experience with the art of coaching.

Learn to market and sell your services with integrity.

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The CoachingMasteryCommunity Success Plan



Link Up


Every 3 months, we connect you with a new coach AND a new client, so you have partners to practice with and learn from.

Join a MasteryMind


Pick the sessions that work for you to advance your life, your coaching skills, and your business.

Achieve Your Dreams


Leverage the power of the Community multiplied by your personal and professional growth.

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We're not just another "course"


You've heard of "shelf-help"?  You know what I mean - the training we buy, put on a shelf, and never use.

This is not that.  Here's why...

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Are You Being the Role-Model for Your Clients?

Are  you consistently improving as a coach? 


When your coaching sessions are over, can you answer these questions:             

  • Did I impact my client?  How?
  • What will my client do differently?
  • Did I challenge my client to raise their game or examine an assumption?
  • Where did I break the connection?
  • What did my client say that I didn't hear?

You became a coach to help change lives.  When you know the answers to these questions, you'll change lives more consistently and more profoundly. is on a mission to help coaches increase their impact by building greater coaching and business mastery, because the world needs great coaches!  These questions help us increase our impact.  We use them after every session. 

We hope they help you, too.

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