Why Your Sales Process Isn't Working

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Mastery Insights: Why Your Coaching Sales Process Isn't Working

In the latest episode of "The Coaches Journey Podcast," hosts Daniel Fernandes and Faisal Ensaun delve into a topic that resonates with a number of coaches: why your sales process isn't working.

The episode kicks off with an introduction from the narrator, outlining the podcast's mission: celebrating successes, uncovering struggles, and guiding coaches who seek genuine impact in today's world.

Emphasizing the Importance of Sales in Coaching

Daniel Fernandes begins by emphasizing the importance of sales in coaching, pointing out that every coach must understand sales' significance in their work. He encourages coaches who devalue or overlook the aspect of sales to tune in, as the insights shared from both hosts' masterclass experience can be game changers in their coaching journey.

Unpacking the Sales Process

The hosts then delve into the issue most coaches face: understanding their sales processes. Essentially, if there is a disconnect in your understanding and application of your sales process, there's a high chance you're struggling to maintain consistent clients. 

Maximizing the Value of Masterclasses and Community Support

Fernandes and Ensaun chime in on the immense value of their masterclasses and community support for coaches. The conversations between coaches, the exchange of insights and shared experiences, contribute massively to understanding and improving sales strategies.

The two hosts, being in different places in their coaching businesses, share how they each handle their sales process, from initial outreach and connection with potential clients to making an offer, following up, seeking referrals, and nurturing relationships.

They also share a critical point: the sales process reflects a client's journey. As such, coaches need to understand that creating a sustainable coaching business involves focusing on this journey and gaining insights on how to streamline it.

Overcoming the Challenges of Scaling Your Coaching Business

A hurdle faced by many coaches: prematurely solving for scale. In their bid to upscale, coaches can be tempted to focus more on building a robust website and setting up intricate sales funnels. This approach can actually delay growth, as it overlooks the essence of refining their services based on feedback from one-on-one conversations with clients.

Harnessing the power of persistence in sales and understanding the role of data in refining your sales process forms the crux of what coaching businesses need to grow.

Lessons Learnt from Coaches' Journeys

Towards the end, Fernandes and Ensaun share valuable insights and lessons from their coaching journey. They discuss the nuances of building a sustainable coaching business, the importance of a supportive community, and the value of continuous learning.

In conclusion, The Coaches Journey Podcast provides an enlightening journey through the struggles and successes of coaching businesses. It underscores the need for coaches to understand and master the dynamics of their sales process while emphasizing the importance of community support in every coach's journey.