Marketing MasteryClass IV:


Getting 5 New Clients


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Monday • December 18, 2023
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Why Should I Register?

Remember, your marketing is the momentum for your coaching business success. Investing in this masterclass can help you break through barriers, overcome obstacles, and unlock your full potential as a coach. Don't let marketing hold you back from creating the thriving coaching business you desire. Register today and embark on a journey towards personal and professional growth!

This is an event that you will NOT want to miss as we round out the end of one year and prepare to welcome in the New Year!

What will I get from this session?

This masterclass will help you recognize the specific marketing blocks that may be sabotaging your coaching business. By understanding these blocks, you can begin the process of overcoming them and unleashing your true potential.  You will develop a deeper understanding of your marketing efforts and the beliefs that may be holding you back. Increased self-awareness is a crucial step towards personal and professional growth.

Register today and make more sales in 2023!

Faisal Ensaun

I have been a certified high performance coach, relationship coach and family coach for my clients for the past 6 years. I am a full time coach with individual and group coaching clients. I run an evergreen group coaching community that is expanding this year as I am collaborating with other coaches and influencers through the events that I am designing and delivering with them. I have also done contract individual and group coaching for other organizations. As I am getting more busy in my business, I am having to step into the role of training other coaches to step in to do some of that contract work and collaborate with some coaches to join my community to serve more people.

I can tell you that without Coaching Mastery Community, I wouldn’t be where I am. This community has helped me share my thoughts and ideas in a safe environment, it has challenged me to grow as a coach and entrepreneur. It has supported me with feedback and collaboration. I continue to receive the benefits of gaining better skillsets as a coach and better ways to approach my business through the interactions with the amazing members of this community and the family culture that we have built.

I am a father of two beautiful daughters. My wife has been a huge support for me and she is a member of our community and a coach. I am also a leader in my community helping facilitate growth in the big families that Sara and I have and helping empower leaders that support the community further. My desire has always been to be a source of support and inspiration for my family or my CMC family and I work hard to make sure we create that culture of inspiration and support.


Dr. Sheri Fluellen

This is Sheri! I’m a Psychologist, Certified High Performance Coach and a Real Estate Investor. In addition to helping support & develop other coaches in our community as part of the leadership team & cohosting “The Coaches Journey Podcast”, I spend much of my professional time real estate investing and teaching & encouraging others to join in on the investing journey! I do a little bit of individual coaching and a lot of coaching through content creation and running a Mastermind community with my husband for early stage investors.

I have gained so much value and support from being part of CMC over the past 3 years. It’s helped me improve my ability to ask thoughtful questions, grow my confidence in my sales and my programs, and has given me space to voice my thoughts and feelings even in the midst of still developing them! And honestly, without seeing others pave the way first, I wouldn’t have launched my “Invest like a Titan” Real Estate Mastermind yet!

A little tidbit about me….. I live in the least populated state of the United States, love spending time outdoors with my husband and four kids, and we raise chickens (which turns out is far more expensive than the money we save in NOT having to buy eggs)!

If being in a community that supports your growth as a coach resonates with you, I’d be happy to meet you, and let’s see if CMC is the right fit for you at this stage in your coaching journey! Book a call and I’ll see ya soon!


Daniel Fernandes

Hey there, Rising Coach! Is coaching your calling? Personally I never felt that much of a calling in life, until I discovered the power of coaching by accident. I was burning out in my leadership job at General Motors until an executive sat me down and told me I was failing as a leader. I was mortified… but I listened.

After the initial shock, I realized he was the first person who cared enough about me to challenge me and then coach me. He turned a light bulb on inside me and I got excited to grow and to achieve more, and to be a better leader, and ultimately a better person. It helped me eventually realize that turning the lights on inside myself and others was a calling for me. The best coaches care deeply, and even love their clients. I feel so aligned to be blessed with a career with love at its core.

But love, while required, isn’t enough! When I quit my job to become a full time coach, I remember thinking “How hard could it be? I have so much time now” That first year was so hard that it was easier to train and complete an Olympic Triathlon! (And I had to learn how to swim!) Even with my coaching certification, I needed experience and confidence. And knowledge. And skills. Oh, and accounting? Marketing? Legal? Invoices? Sign ups? Taking money? Taxes? Website? Social Media? I was lost in rabbit holes of overwhelm.

Now, I have many coaching certifications and more experience. I coach corporate executives and leaders, as well as entrepreneurs, (and the hardest client of all, my wife!). But it’s not just about having a certification, it’s about applying it and learning how to coach.

I wish that Coaching Mastery Community existed when I first started coaching, over a decade ago. I wouldn’t have been so alone in the journey, and I definitely would have gained experience (and feedback!) faster through the Coaching Chain. Being consistently involved in CMC has shaped how I coach, and keeps me in the game of learning and mastery. And the wonderful coaches here have become friends.

Thanks for being here right now. It means you’re looking to grow as a coach and you’re ready to expand yourself. We’re here to support you in your journey of business mastery and coaching master. Book a call, and I’ll be excited to speak with you soon!


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